Ascension Teacher-Wave Expert-Energy Expert Ascension Teacher-Wave Expert-Energy Expert We are IN the process of a DIMENSIONAL SHIFT. What does this mean? It means our entire reality is changing along with our DNA codes. This is necessary to be able to shift with our bodies. This is called the Ascension process. We are shifting into a New Reality. Many clients need help during these times, as the old paradigm slips away and the new one enters. Diane feels all the Energy Wave, downloads and upgrades and has been an expert in the Ascension field more than 6 years. Contact Diane for help with your own ascension. Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Super Psychic Diane is a gifted Psychic Clairvoyant Medium who can tune into you and see your soul through the Akashic records. She can tell you what your blocks are from attaining your full potential in this lifetime. She can also access the Akashic records to find information that is hidden from you or your souls life. She is also a medium that can bring your loved ones forth into this realm and relay messages to you from them. Diane is a super psychic meaning she picks up information where ever she goes without any effort. She is tuned into the Ascension process in a way that few are. She also sees many beings and gets messages from other dimensions on a daily basis. ( Note: Diane is not taking on any new clients for psychic or mediumship readings at the moment. Please check Diane's other many psychic services ) Cosmic Beings Diane Has Had Contact With Cosmic Beings Diane Has Had Contact With Diane is one of the VERY RARE people to have many encounters with Star Beings. Many different races have contacted her by appearing to her. She has made 'first contact". Her visits are ongoing,,, this is also rare. The last Star being to appear to her was a female Pleiadian named Aktura. She has been visited IN PERSON by 5 different races of Star Beings. They belong to a Council called the Advanced Council of Interplanetary Light. Pictures will soon be available of all the Star Beings that have visited her.