1 Session $200.00

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Diane is a highly regarded Ascension Expert that has been involved in the process since 2000 when she went through ascension changes herself. These changes made her change her life completely and come completely out of the 3D world.

Diane has been actively reporting on waves, downloads and upgrades since 2011. She has been the first to report any energetic changes taking place. She feels each waves that comes in, no matter how big or small.

Diane has a near ascension experience in May of 2013 where she was catapulted to higher dimensions. She stayed in this higher awareness for 2 weeks after this phenomenon that no one else has reported. She made a few videos of this experience that can be found on her you tube channel.

She then came down a little from this higher vibration so she could still manage at the level of 3D but has retained the higher vibrational status that it takes to be able to help others to attain a higher frequency for the Ascension experience.

I will answer any Ascension related questions you may have, as well as work with you to remove any blocks or false teachings which could be getting in the way of the ascension process for you. I will guide you to a healthy way of being so you can align with your authentic self. This is part of what the ascension process is about, aligning with your true self.

Sessions are 45 minutes through Skype, facetime. Phone can be used if within the USA

All sessions include any psychic information that may come through during the session. Diane Channels this information through her and will give you any insights she receives.