Healing sessions consist of healing energy channeled  through me from the ascended masters, angles and team of other world guidance that I work with. This is Jesus and the Creator who work through me to heal others of any spiritual darkness or blocks. This is distant healing so it is done in my home and sent to your home. 

You will feel uplifted from the angelic energy that is sent to you,  the next few days after the session you will continue to feel this. There will be a change that takes place and everything will seem lighter and less heavy.

 I remove blocks that cause depression and constriction in the aura of the body and the consciousness. I  read your aura and dissolve these blocks so the flow of energy can freely flow. within your chakra points. This will cause a change in awareness and consciousness. You may feel many effects afterward  from crying to bliss depending on what I find when I tune into your energy.

I work with sacred crystals to direct the energy to your blockages and heal the pain and suffering that has occurred.

I give any psychic insights as to the blockages I find after the session through email.

The cost is 122.22 for a distant healing session that lasts 30 minutes and is remotely done.

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