June Solstice Event- New Earth Activation

Join Diane live for this Special Solstice New Earth Activations Event where she will be activating all participants in the Crystalline Creative Energy of the New Earth. The Crystalline New Earth is being created by all of us during these times of Higher energy and Portals of Planetary Shifts.
The energy of the Solstice is elevated to manifest this New Earth Creation along with the Human activations that are needed at this time to Create our New Paradise. As we manifest this energy we will also need to integrate it into our being and consciousness.

Diane Will facilitate this energy and bring it into the 12D realm to activate all participants in this Special Event. Any participant with a ticket will be included in this one of a kind event.

This event will take place on the Summer Solstice of June 21 2017 at 12 pm EDT and 7 pm EDT. You are welcome to join one or both times. All participants will be activated whether they attend the group activation or not. This is a great event to give as a gift to others who may need to be activated to the higher consciousness realms of Light( no participation is required on their part ). These activations will take place in the comfort of your own home. 

Diane will activate the entire group of participants into the HIGHER Consciousness of the NEW EARTH. You will also be activating the new Earth with a special visualization to be used on the same times you are being activated. All participants who have registered will be activated whether they attend  at the times listed or not. They will be able to do the visualization anytime and they will be activated from there. If you are registering for yourself and others, let us know when you receive the instructions for the event. 

Diane will send this to you before the day of the Event!
Click the link to register to buy the ticket needed for participation, after clicking add to cart 🙂 You must click the red button below to be included and follow the instructions 🙂