Energy Report: Happy Equinox Update

By Diane Canfield Greetings Beloveds, Today is the Spring Equinox which many times marks high Read more

VIDEO Energy Update: Geomagnetic Storms, Event, Experiences

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Energy Update: Solar Wind is Rising Bringing in Geomagnetic Storms For 3 Days

Greetings Light Tribe, We are experiencing  Geomagnetic Storms for the past 3 days, today being Read more

Huge Energy Incoming: Geomagnetic Storms, Other Worldly Feelings, Spaced Out, Bliss

 By Diane Canfield Greetings Beloveds, Update: about  30 minutes after I wrote this I had Read more

New Earth Creation: As More Awaken, More Light Will Be Held, Which Manifests Into the Creation Of The New Earth

By Diane Canfield Dear Beloveds, Recent Energy There has been a lot of energy changes/upgrades Read more

Divine Encoded Upgrades Arriving To Transform The Human Collective

By Diane Canfield Blessings Beloveds, We are now receiving Divine codes of authenticity. These codes Read more

Ascension Update: Upgrades Taking Place Now

By Diane Canfield Blessings Beloved Tribe, Last night we had a HUGE wave of Energy Read more

Eclipse Portal Still In Progress: Questions Answered That Were Never Asked / Timeline Shifts

By Diane Canfield Blessings Beloveds, Eclipse Portal  The Eclipse Portal is still open until February Read more

Energy Eclipse Update: Fatigue, Emotional Unbalance And Solar Wind Increasing

By Diane Canfield Blessings Beloveds, This morning’s Lunar Eclipse was VERY powerful and we are Read more

Time Line Shift: Major Energy Causing Timeline Shifts | Ascension Symptoms

By Diane Canfield  Beloved Tribe, TIMELINE SHIFTS What is a time line shift? It is Read more