June 21st Worldwide Solstice Meditation/Galactic Light Encoded Activation Event

June 21st Solstice Meditation/Galactic Light Encoded Activation Event

Join The Galactic Hierarchy /Become Multidimensional


Join Diane for this Special Worldwide Solstice Galactic Meditation and Activation Event. Diane will be activating all participants into the Galactic Hierarchy of Extraterrestrial Races as you use the meditation which is light encoded to propel you into the Multidimensional World where benevolent races of our Star Sisters and Brothers exist. When you become Multidimensional is when you experience spirits/ galactics and beings from other dimensions, space and time.

During this time of Ascension and the Solstice Energy when the energies are high, it is Divinely timed to take advantage of these heightened energies while evolving your consciousness into Multidimensionality.

Continuing into 2019 with Group Unity Consciousness rising, which binds us all together as one force- that will help to lead the Collective into Full Ascension. All of Diane’s events lead toward the Event and Full Ascension for Everyone on Gaia. Yes, you take your family with you 🙂

Diane will be traveling to Sedona a few weeks before the Event to Activate Portal openings for the Solstice. Diane will be harnessing the portal opening energy that to activate every participant into Multidimensional Life and contact with Star Family.

( Diane’s Trip To Sedona In Pictures)

Diane has had extensive contact with 5 different races of Extraterrestrials starting in 2000 and continuing today. She has had *in person contact*  ( meaning they appear before her ) (not abductions or hypnosis)  she will see them appear, even in her house and they have been known to take her into deep space/on missions. Diane has bridged a connection with them that is unlike any other. She will be using this energy to bridge the gap between all participants and their Star Family.

In this event, participants will anchor the Galactic energies that will be available through Diane to be able to connect with your own Galactic Family. You will receive encoding that will open the Gateway for your Galactic Family to contact you.

Guided Meditation

Contact with your Galactic Family Upgrades your Crystalline DNA to evolve your consciousness into the higher dimensions. Being able to access the higher dimensions will enable you to obtain greater knowledge/psychic enhancements/galactic contact.

This Guided Galactic Meditation will be LIGHT ENCODED by Diane and will be bridging the opening and guiding the energy connection between the participants and the Galactics.

Event Times 

Diane will be activating/encoding each participant and during the Event while the meditation is being listened to by the participants. Look for your time zone below:

Eastern time 12 pm and 8 pm

Pacific time is 9 am and 5pm.

Central time is 11 am and 7pm.

Europe and other parts of the world can look up their time zone from US times using the time zone converter by clicking here

Purchase and Instructions 

Click below to purchase your ticket to the paid event. Instructions and the meditation for the event will be sent a few days before the event to the address on file with Paypal. If you would like them sent to a different email address please include that in the notes with the payment. Please check your address on PayPal and be sure it is accurate to receive the instructions.

All participants who have registered will be activated whether they attend remotely at the times listed or not. If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else, please include their name with your payment.

Only those with a ticket will be sent the instructions and activated/encoded by Diane.

Contact with any questions.

* This is a remote event. It will take place from the comfort of your own home. All are welcome, including friends and family who may be in the 3D reality and need a little help 🙂 Purchasing for another person is absolutely welcome. All we need is their name to activate them. *

Number of Tickets

If the button above doesn’t work for any reason, please use this link to send $25 payment.