About Me

Diane is a professional psychic/medium

I am a medium which means I can pull in peoples loved ones who have passed over. I can hear messages from this and also see them. This is clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I always encourage anyone who comes to me for help and is using tarot cards to evolve past tarot readings as they are extremely limited/  a person can not pull in someone’s passed on loved one from tarot cards… for instance…

I can read people using nothing. This is what happens in client sessions. I can read any stranger I would want to… I usually do not want to. But many times the information comes to me spontaneously just by looking at someone. I can feel, see and hear messages

I can tell the future of that person… for instance if they are headed for trouble in their relationship / if their husband is cheating… the list is endless.

I am downloaded with information continually all day every day about the present, past and future. What is happening now, what will happen and what has happened that is covered up.

I receive visions in the form of movies that play out right in front of me while wide awake with eyes open,  I can see aliens/ Star beings and many other things from other dimensions. Clairvoyance.

I can see spirits that float around the room, orbs that float around the room .I can see passed on loved ones (pets and humans) of my self and clients. Spirits have and do talk to me… clairaudience

I can see parasites or energy attachments on people. I can see if clients are living their live purpose. I can know if people are lying or telling the truth.

I am a prophetic / meaning I am downloaded with information about the future. I have prophetic dreams but also prophetic knowings while wide awake.

I am a healer able to heal others which they will be able to feel when I send it to them. I am able to tune into them while healing to see what it is they need.

I am an energy expert able to feel when the energy on earth changes for the better or worse. This is clairsentience.

This is what happens when you become ONE with the Universe and Creator. I was catapulted into a new reality and a new way of being back in 2000. As many know, I had many psychic experiences as a child and always knew things I had no way of knowing..( claircognizance )

My readings are about 97 percent accurate in that I can not know every last detail… no psychic can.


Diane is a gifted Psychic, Ascension teacher and has had the rare privilege of many visitations of Star races. They visit her face to face and often give messages for her to pass along to the collective.

The star race contact started in 2000 when she saw a huge Pleiadian mother ship in broad daylight near her house. Diane was able to see this ship for some time and then when she took her eyes off of it, it was a cloud instead. She was told this is how they use cover for others who are not picked to see them and to make contact.

This encounter with this ship jumpstarted Diane’s psychic skills to a new level of consciousness. This is when her gifts started manifesting that had laid dormant for years since her childhood.

She was gifted with precognition and channeling from the source as a child, but had no support system to help her cope with what she was experiencing.

At this time Diane has ongoing visits with Star Beings and is open to speaking engagements to discuss this very important aspect of moving into 5D.

Diane feels every wave and energetic download that comes in to evolve all beings on beautiful earth. She regularly posts these articles in her article sections and on Facebook. She is on the leading edge of ascension and star being contact with vast awareness in all areas of psychic abilities, opening the third eye, star being contact and ascension.

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