These sessions are designed for clients who would like help and guidance with creating the life they want and need help and guidance to implement this plan. Every person manifests their life whether by choice or default.

The sessions consist of removing blocks and obstacles that have been created that are stopping the client from manifesting their dreams.   This can be from 3D limiting belief systems and matrix programming that is done at an unconscious level. The unconscious mind controls us if we do not control it.

Psychic information is given in each session as to the timeline that will lead to the most happiness and success. Psychic information is usually done at the beginning of each session as Diane tunes into the clients energy. Then the work is done to get the client on the correct timeline.

They are accessible by anyone world wide through Skype. Sessions are typically 60 minutes through Skype . Phone can be an option if needed and within the USA

A recent picture/headshot of you will be required before the session so Diane can tune into your energy.

A Psychic Life Coaching Session is $225. You can purchase it through Paypal below.

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Please review the Cancellation and Reschedule Policy HERE.