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Thank you to everyone for all of your donations.  I continue to appreciate your support in what I do. If you make a donation I will send Healing Love to you. I will also accept donations in the name of your choice if you would like me to send Healing Love to someone who is in need. I have added a donation box to make it easier to donate to support my messages of Love that I send out.

This is for the ones who have asked how to donate to me and for those who would like to support what I do. I continue to send Love to all of you who support me in the messages of Love and our Galactic family I will be posting more and more about. Please check all my messages since these are the most important times we are in right now.

As I always say, Ascension, Psychic abilities and our Star Family are all interrelated and these are the areas I am an expert in. Love to Everyone 🙂

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Diane Canfield is a Gifted Psychic, Medium, Ascension Expert, Energy Expert and ET In PERSON Contactee having had many IN PERSON visitations from many different races of ET races. She works to elevate the consciousness of the Human Race to evolve into the Galactic Race. Her psychic gifts started in childhood She had out of body experiences, knew things she had no way of knowing and channeled as a child. She was visited by a Pleiadian Mother Ship which encoded her for her role as a Galactic Ascension/AMBASSADOR/ Teacher. Since this time she has been in constant contact with the Galactics and the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light.