Click HERE  for a  Star Being Consultation with Diane.  In this consultation Diane will help you with any Star Being visits that have taken place for you. She will tune into the connections you may have with your Star family. She will also help you to understand how it is possible to make contact  with Star Beings since they show up to her IN PERSON and have since 2000. She has been visited by 6 different races OF STAR FAMILY.  There are many aspects to being able to have contact, the first being to remove all conditioning and programs that are running in your consciousness.

Diane will also tune into your energy psychically and give you any psychic insights she receives for you.

Sessions are 60 minutes and can be done Skype OR PHONE. Phone can be used if within the USA

Each session is $200.00 Click the link above for a session with Diane

A recent picture/headshot of you will be required before the session so Diane can tune into your energy.