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Diane is a gift and a blessing to humanity. I have taken her course and had readings from her, she is always extremely accurate in her readings. Her course was a God send and I am now giving my own readings.
Diane’s course, Psychic Development was beyond my expectations. She began with explaining our tools and the importance of each tool, as we progressed through the course. Once we open ourselves up and learn to trust, we begin to see the limitless multidimensional beings we truly are. Her course made so much sense. I have always felt I had psychic abilities and this was affirmed through her course. I was totally amazed and elated at times, when I would practice my gifts and see the results. The more I open myself up to my higher consciousness, the more I am being shown. Would I partake in another course she offers? Absolutely!! Thanks Diane, for your guidance and support throughout the process.
I am a student of Diane Canfield's Psychic Development Class and I would like to take this opportunity to first ~ thank her ~ for helping me to open up my Gifts ~ and secondly, to accredit her with helping me to hone my skills to where they are today. I am a Psychic Empath and Channeller and, together with my Guide - Gabriel - we are able to bring Light and Love into people's lives and help them to find their Souls Purpose and Life Path. I would absolutely recommend Diane Canfield as a wonderful, Inspirational Teacher of the Metaphysical Arts and am truly grateful for her dedication and willingness to help me be the best Psychic Channeller that I can be. Thank you Diane ......Love and Light, Michelle and Gabriel♥
I loved my reading with Diane. My grandmother showed up and Diane was able to connect with her. This was so comforting to me to hear that she is ok.
From meeting nasty beings to meeting an angelic starseed. From being scared to being contained and loved. From doubts to certainty. From loosing myself in the Astral to being well grounded. From being un/comprehended to being understood. From slept to awake. I could go on forever, but my english isn't that good. I will remember these classes and this person my entire life. How could you forget the teachings that gave you awakening?. How could you forget the person who told you how to open your third eye?. This was a life changing experience for me, thinking about it's sad after such support to have to continue the journey alone, but also I think that's a must for everyone. Thank you a million lifetimes, thank you for eternity. Now seems obvious why we had to meet again, what an amazing soul. Never forget, always remember. Thank you angelic being !
My Mom and Dad were invited to an Psychic fair in Laughlin Nevada, they had 4 tickets for the event and you could pick what ever person you wanted.. Well I looked at the map and was already choose my person, and then my Dad showed me who he choose.. the same.. So My Mom and husband followed. My Dad and I were giving a choice on what we wanted to talk about and we choose the same(loved one crossing over) I had an ok, but then she said a 3 things that only a certain person would know.. anyway, my Dad had same experience.. Mom and husband had a totally different experience, and was not given the choice we were and she went straight into their work, and personalities. Now I must say Diana Louise Canfield, has gave me more then I could ever ask for with communication with my brother, so I only did this for my Mom but I must say she must not be open to it or she hasn't accepted his new life or she is closed off... just a bit of my life I'd like to share...