Psychic Energy Update: Pressure Is Building To Mass Consciousness Upgrade/ New Energy Arriving

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A New Timeline Awaits Us All- Manifesting Peace – Changing Timelines

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Manifesting Peace/ Changing Timelines-A New Timeline Awaits Us All – Part 1

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Who Are You And Where Are You From ? Channeled Message Pleiadians

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Galactic Message – We Are Watching Earth Closely Now

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Upgrades!!! Shifting- Before- During And After December 21st/ The Great Awakening Continues

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Age Of Aquarius/ Saturn/ Jupiter Alignment / Upgrades To Higher Dimensions/ December 21st Solstice Activation And Meditation Event/ The Great Awakening

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Full Moon/ Eclipse Nov 30th Brings New Ways Of Being/ Bliss

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Energy Surge/ Wave Tonight/ What Is Coming ?

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Higher Energy Flowing In/ Geo Magnetic Storms Spike For 4 Days

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